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Could Your Business Be More Profitable?

Uncertainty About Your Numbers Can Cloud Your Business Vision

Are you potentially missing opportunities and facing unnecessary stress?

Why Consulting

Are you lying awake at night worrying about your business? We've been there. Consultants offer significant benefits to small businesses, enabling owners to step back from day-to-day operations, gain a macro view of their company, and access insights into exit strategies. A notable percentage of CEOs report economic growth with consultant assistance, with consultants also facilitating networking opportunities that can result in increased sales, partnerships, and acquisitions. Our goal is to provide you with the clarity to enhance your life and business.

Through our years of expertise and facilitated software, our mission is to instill in you, as a business owner, the confidence required to maximize your business growth effortlessly. Our priority is to ensure that you experience the seamless journey to business profitability through tailored strategic training and guidance. We're eager to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, offering comprehensive strategies for raising and sourcing equity and debt and business growth strategies supported by cutting-edge SaaS Software. With our platform, you can visualize your 1-5 year business plan, empowering you to make informed decisions. Additionally, we provide incremental growth strategies upon request to further enhance your success trajectory.  

Kick Off


A quick and comprehensive 15-minute call to learn about your wants, needs, and goals. Assess which avenue you'd like to take with us.  



Let's have a conversation about your goals and aspirations. Leave the 'how' to us – we're here to solve that for you. Our aim is to precisely support you in achieving your objectives while equipping you with the best tools for the job.

Introduction To


To ensure your journey towards profitability, we've integrated SaaS software into all our services, recognizing its importance. Further exploration of the software will be essential to your continued success.

Final Evaluation

For Your Plan

Concluding evaluation to fully understand your aspirations and how our services will support you on your path forward. We aim for you to feel completely at ease and confident with us as your partners.

“I am thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with Michael and the TRGC team. Michael's achievements with the REvision Group have left a lasting impression, and his skill in elucidating fundraising strategies for clients is unparalleled. We eagerly anticipate a lasting joint venture affiliation between our respective companies.”

Jay Abraham, CEO of The Abraham Group


At the Capital Raising Titans 2023 event, Michael, representing the ReVision Group shares invaluable insights into the art of securing capital for real estate ventures, unveiling the secrets behind his impressive achievements.

Adler Preferred Fund Meeting with The REvision Group Groups

Dean Adler, CEO of Lubert Adler, invites Michael Friedman to participate in raising funds for his new Private Prefered Enhanced Fund. Dean's insights into the market dynamics during this Capital Crisis, particularly regarding lending markets, are both enlightening and timely.

Achieve Your Goals!

Join forces with Michael Friedman, a seasoned expert with over 30 years of deal sourcing experience in real estate. His proven track record in coordinating joint business structures and securing both equity and debt financing will propel your success. Let's achieve your goals together!

Save Your Spot!

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