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Our History

Building upon The REvision Group's 13-year track record of successfully assisting sponsors in raising capital, The REvision Group Consulting (TRGC) emerges as a dynamic consulting counterpart and sister company. Our mission is to foster deep collaborative relationships with our clients, providing them with the necessary education to achieve success. As seasoned real estate professionals, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to effectively raise equity or debt for their businesses. Recognizing the importance of leaving a lasting impression on capital groups, we aim to equip companies with the tools to cultivate these vital relationships. Leveraging innovative strategies and SaaS software, we project profitability over a 1-5 year forecast, offering additional strategic affiliations with successful companies and facilitating Joint Ventures through extensive referral networks. TRGC serves as the center of education, collaboration, and inventive business solutions, committed to guiding our clients toward entrepreneurial success.


Our Solutions

We're committed to investing all our resources in your success.

Consulting Services

Effortlessly navigate and refine your business plans and objectives using an intuitive Saas software tool. Discover the keys to structuring your path to profitability while harnessing our proven business growth tactics. As fellow business owners, we recognize the critical importance of meticulous organization across all facets of your operations. Allow us to provide you with the peace of mind and assurance that comes from having a dedicated partner by your side.

Preparation for Capital Raising

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Michael Friedman offers invaluable insights into capital raising intricacies. His expertise ensures thorough preparation for any funding request you may encounter. We aim for you to leave a lasting, positive impression and establish a strong reputation, regardless of the scale of your capital needs. Our goal is to equip you with the confidence to ensure success in every funding request, whether it involves small or large capital. Our SaaS software tool is a crucial asset in achieving this objective.

Referral Program

If our current services do not align directly with your requirements, we provide referral services to link you with marketing managers, offer supplementary sales training, connect you with a respected marketing expert, and more. Our mission is to assist your business comprehensively, aiming to enhance your success in every possible manner.

Our Vision

We empower entrepreneurs and businesses to confidently navigate capital funding. With our comprehensive services, advanced forecasting technology, and top-tier referrals, we ensure clients are fully prepared and strategically positioned for success, making informed decisions with clarity and confidence.

The TRGC Team

Meet Our Parent Company

With 28 years of experience in raising capital, The REvision Group acts as a guide to help connect investors to new deals as well as businesses to capital sources. We spend time with capital partners in order to understand their criteria while doing proper financial due diligence on their deal flow.

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Our Insights

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By building on a hierarchy of goals, consultants and managers can work toward mutual interests. | By: Arthur N. Turner

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You know how sometimes when you’re dealing with an issue in your life, you turn to friends and family for their opinions? Companies often need this, too, especially when making tough decisions.

| By: Alexandra Nuth

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