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Meet Cassandra

Marketing Director

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Cassandra is our Director of Marketing, orchestrating the growth and success of our firm through her multifaceted knowledge. She crafts and executes dynamic marketing strategies, leveraging in-depth market research and competitor analysis to uncover lucrative opportunities. Cassandra's dedication extends to nurturing strong client relationships, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction through regular communication and swift issue resolution. With a keen eye for detail, she meticulously oversees our brand identity, ensuring coherence across all platforms and materials. From captivating content creation to strategic distribution across various channels, including social media and industry publications, Cassandra amplifies our firm's visibility and expertise. Her digital prowess extends to managing impactful campaigns and leveraging analytics for continuous optimization. In addition, Cassandra spearheads engaging events, from webinars to networking sessions, showcasing our thought leadership in the industry. With her adept handling of marketing analytics, Cassandra ensures our strategies are finely tuned for maximum impact.

Cassandra is currently a student at Kent State University studying for her Bachelors Degree in General Business. She plans on using her knowledge to pursue a career in residential and commercial real estate.


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